Only 9 Weeks to Go!

March 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear Ainsley,

I cannot believe how time is flying. Only nine short weeks until you arrive. I switch back and forth from freaking out that it is so close to wanting so badly for you to be here now. I have to confess though, I love having you all to myself right now. The incredible feeling of carrying you inside me as you grow into a perfect little person overwhelms me sometimes.

Last weekend,  your daddy and I put your crib together and started getting your room ready for you. Everything is coming together and it is so exciting. Your furniture is probably the nicest stuff we own and is just perfect. Only the best for our little girl though. 🙂

Another confession: shopping for your clothes is the most fun of any kind of shopping I’ve ever done. There are just too many cute things for baby girls. I think your daddy may actually enjoy it more than I do! I love watching him go from rack to rack picking up all sorts of sweet outfits and getting more and more excited about your arrival.

Oh, and there are other people who are enjoying shopping for you too! Last week we got the sweetest gift from our friends Jill and Michael. They sent you a blanket with your name on it (that matches your crib bedding perfectly) and five of the most adorable onesies embroidered with your initials. Thanks guys, you are the best!

In just a couple weeks, your daddy and I are taking some classes to learn everything we need to know about giving birth to you. We’ll tour the hospital and place where you’ll be born too. Once again, I truly can’t believe that time is almost here. We both think about you all the time….wondering what you’ll be like, what color hair you’ll have, who you will look like more. We are anxiously awaiting that special day when we’ll get the answers to all those questions.

All my love,

Your mom

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