21 days until my due date

May 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Holy cow! Yep, only 3 weeks left. I really can’t believe it, but I’m really oh-so-ready at this point. We’ve got everything: car seat, stroller, crib, clothes, diapers, Boppy, Pack ‘N Play, and so much more. The only thing we’re missing is one sweet baby girl to use it all.

It’s been a crazy week here in Nashville as I’m sure everyone is aware. The rains that came through our area were nothing short of astounding. Between last Saturday and Sunday we had over 14 inches of rain. The previous two-day record was 6.5 inches. And some areas had up to 20 inches.

The devastation here is hard to wrap your head around. I’ve been lifting up prayers of thanks all week that all we had to deal with were a couple of leaks. So many people and businesses here lost everything — and most of those people did not have any kind of flood insurance. Places around town that no one ever imagined would flood had 10 feet of water.

The images are unbelievable…

Inside Opryland Hotel

I’m actually still displaced from my office in Metro Center. I wasn’t able to go to work Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but went in to our office downtown on Thursday and Friday. The Metro Center area is right by a levee and emergency management had everything shut down all week. Hopefully, we’ll make it back over there mid-week sometime. So, yes, it has definitely been crazy.

Luckily, everything else has been pretty calm. Everything is still moving along smoothly with my pregnancy. I have my weekly appointment Monday so I will know even more about how things are progressing. My feet are still swollen (I just have one pair of flip flops that fit right now. Ha!) and my back is still hurting and I’m just generally uncomfortable, but it’s not anything I can’t handle. My hands started swelling a bit this week too and now I can’t wear my wedding rings. My left hand feels naked. 😦

My blood pressure is still great and I’ve gained less than 30 pounds which I’m really proud of. I’ve really focused on eating well and I know it’s made a huge difference.

Little Miss Ainsley is officially full-term today and could really come at any point. We’ve got our bags for the hospital pretty much packed. Like I said before, we are ready. It feels incredible to say that and I can’t imagine how incredible it will feel once we hold our little one for the first time.

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