Love, Your Neurotic Mother

September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Dear Miss Ainsley,

You have PERFECTED a new skill over the past week and half…

rolling over.

My littly roly poly, you are all over the place. I can scarecely put you down anywhere before you make your move.  Back to stomach. Stomach to back. You can do both of these, yet when you roll from your back to your stomach, you get so mad about being on your stomach you somehow forget that you can – on your own – flip back over to the side you like better. You usually end up frustrated and fussy at that point.

Exhibit A of the fussy…

There is, however, one instance where you throughly enjoy your stomach. And that would be bedtime. And that would be the reason your mama is a crazy person, lacking the good sleep she was getting just a few short days ago.

I’m a mad woman. I’m so paranoid about you sleeping on your stomach. There’s something called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) that can happen to babies, usually in their cribs. Mama has made the mistake of googling (you’ll learn about Google soon enough) way too much information about it and that’s why I am so worried about you. No matter how much I turn you on your back, you immediately flip yourself right back over.

Your Grammy tells me I need to chill out. She says that I slept on my stomach the whole time I was a baby and it didn’t hurt me and I turned out just fine.  (Well, that last part is somewhat debatable)

Thank God for our little video monitor. I can just glance over to my nightstand in the middle of the night and take a look at what you’re doing. However, I still get up to check and make sure you are breathing periodically. I can’t imagine how crazy I’d be if I didn’t have that monitor.

My reason for telling you all this is that I’ve decided this is going to be my first lesson in letting go. You are happy sleeping on your stomach. Even though you are a great sleeper regardless, you sleep even better on your stomach. You can lift your head up and like I said you are able to flip both directions. I need to worry less about your ability to take care of yourself in this instance. You’re getting to be a big girl as you start tackling all these milestones and I know there will be much tougher tests for your mama along the way.

I know every night God is watching over you as you sleep and that is where I will find my comfort in all this.

One thing I’m not letting go of….I’ll still put you to bed on your back each and every night.

Hey, you can’t blame a gal for trying.


Your crazy, neurotic mama

§ One Response to Love, Your Neurotic Mother

  • Krisa says:

    I totally understand! I made my girls sleep in their sleep positioners until they were 6 months because I’m neurotic, too! Finally Kennedy could flip entirely over the sleep positioner wedge and I decided it was time to let go. So you are doing better than I did!

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