Fabulous at Four Months Old

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ainsley girl,

How in the world did you get to be four months old already? You are no longer that tiny little baby we brought home from the hospital. You are a growing, thriving, INCREDIBLE little personality and we are enjoying every second we are blessed to have with you.

You are one stong little girl lately! Not only do you have a crazy amount of strength when you are on your stomach, your chunky little legs are so strong too.  You do an amazing job of supporting all your weight on them when I stand you up while holding you.

Your daddy and I have a few different names and terms of endearment for you. Dolly…because you look like a perfect little baby doll. The Babe…for obvious reasons of course. Sweet Sweet…because you are the sweetest thing to ever grace this earth. And last but not least…Ainsley Girl – we even have a song that goes with that one.

You are one talkative little girl these days and it cracks me up. You love making all sorts of noises and you have perfected the motorboat sound. They eat you up at daycare because of this too. Every one of your teachers tells me how much they love talking with you. Who could blame them?

You are doing well at daycare and your daddy and I are really happy with where we have you. Everyone truly cares for you and has a lot of fun playing with you. Ms. Heather even did your hair last week!

Recently, you have become very aware of all your surroundings and you are getting really good at grabbing on to things. Whatever you grab goes straight to your mouth. And then you proceed to drool all over the place. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you have a tooth sneak in there sometime soon.

I cannot believe how fast you are growing. Just this morning, as I dressed you on your changing table, I did a double take. “Surely, you’re not that big?” I thought. But you are. I can’t wait to take you to the doctor on Wednesday and see how you’ve progressed.

I’m constantly in awe of you, baby girl. You take my breath away so many times a day sometimes I wonder how I have enough air to survive. You are our perfect little Dolly.

I love you with all my heart,

Your Mama


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