Sweet Sweet

November 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Sweet girl,

How is possible that you will be six months old in less than two weeks?

You continue to amaze me and your daddy every day. You are the happiest, sweetest, easiest baby ever. We enjoy every second with you because your smile and giggles fill each moment with an indescribable joy. I’m not sure there’s anything better in this world really.

Sleep. There is no question that you SERIOUSLY enjoy your sleep. You get between 10 to 12 hours of solid sleep every night. We hardly hear a peep from you. Same thing goes for that 3 hour nap you usually take each Saturday and Sunday when we’re at home. And we thank you from the bottom of hearts for loving your sleep, because we love ours too!

Sitting up. You are close to mastering this one. We’re working hard on it in the middle of the living room. You’ll sit by yourself for a good 30 to 45 seconds and then you’ll start to get a wobbly and lose your balance. I’ll get you back on track and we repeat the whole thing again. I know you’re ready to sit by yourself. I can tell you like it so much more than laying on the ground because you can take in everything that’s going on around you. And boy do ever take it all in. You are one curious little creature and watching you explore the world around you is quite a treat.

Sickness. Ugh, this one has hit us hard the past few weeks. With all those germs at daycare, we hope you’re just building up that immune system and getting all this stuff out of the way. You had your first ear infection last week combined with the croup cough and I don’t think I’ve seen a tougher baby. You truly are amazing.

Silliness. You love to squeal. You love to giggle. You love to make all sorts of crazy noises just to hear yourself make them. Every morning you lay in your crib for about 10 to 15 minutes just talking up a storm before I come get you ready for the day.

You’ve had all sorts of fun “firsts” recently too.

Your first trip to the pumpkin farm.

Your first Halloween. You made the sweetest, cutest Pebbles ever!

Your first trip to the zoo. You’re still a little too young to really enjoy it, but I know you’re going to be an animal lover just like your daddy and I are.

My sweet Dolly, thank you. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life. I can have the worst day in the world, and it all immediately melts away the second I walk into daycare to pick you up. The moment you see I’ve walked in and I say hello, that big, bright smile and sweet, infectious giggle make everything okay.

You are my little sweet sweet.

Love you so much,

Your mama


§ One Response to Sweet Sweet

  • She is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Pebbles, that is perfect for all that hair! I’m so sorry she’s been sick. It is no fun at all. Simeon is breastfed and at home with me and still gets sick:(

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