January 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve been really bad about blogging recently, so I’m going to try and do a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to lately.

Two weeks before Christmas, Ainsley started running a low-grade fever that Saturday evening. We did what our pediatrician always recommends: treat it with children’s tylenol and watch her for 24 hours. By Sunday, the fever was up and down, and any formula she took was down and then up. So, we started the Pedialyte while I talked to the doctor on call on and off that Sunday, and it was decided we’d bring her in on Monday.

Well, guess what?? It snowed two to three inches and the roads iced over that night. Lovely. Ainsley’s doctor wouldn’t be open until 1:30pm. Meanwhile, we had a miserable baby on our hands. By the time we were finally able to get to the doctor and check in, my poor baby girl’s fever was 105.5!!!!!! They went through all the standard tests — all of which broke my heart to watch her go through even though she was champ — and discovered she had a UTI, which is apparently not uncommon in baby girls since all the lady parts are so close together. Ainsley got an antibiotic shot and we took her home. You could tell how awful she felt. There was no color in her face. Just about the only place she was happy was asleep on me or Josh. I mean how sad is this….

We had to hit up the doctor for two more follow-up visits over the next week. At our second follow-up, all the nurses popped in and commented how she looked a different baby. And she really was. She was back to her smiley, happy self again. Thank goodness. 🙂

We also had to go to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where Ainsley had to have a couple of tests to be sure she didn’t have any reflux in her kidneys that could have caused the UTI. It’s standard practice when they have one before they are 2 years old. And, can I please just say, I have the best freakin’ child on the planet. She rocked those two tests. She sat still like a big girl for the ultrasound and when she had to have the catheter/x-ray she barely made a peep. I saved a fresh bottle for right when they started that part and she acted as if she did this stuff everyday. The x-ray techs bragged and bragged on her.

Everything was prefect with the tests and we’ve been good to go on the health front for the last month. Thank the Lord!


Christmas. Such an amazing season now that we have a little one.

We took Ainsley to see Santa and she didn’t really have much of a reaction at all to be honest. There wasn’t really any fussing, but she wasn’t all too impressed with the big guy either.  “Um, yeah, Mom, I couldn’t care any less…”

We also headed over to Opryland Hotel one evening to check out all the lights. I’m sure this will definitely become one of many family Christmas traditions. It was really crazy to walk through that place and imagine that just seven months earlier there was 10 feet of water everywhere. It’s amazing how they bounced back.

Josh and I decided to stay in Nashville for Christmas this year. My parents were here with us for a few days. I only had Christmas Eve (and then of course Christmas Day and that Sunday) off work, and fitting 12+ hours of driving to Jackson and back in that small window was going to make for a crazy few days. I didn’t want us to remember Ainsley’s first Christmas as nothing but running around trying to fit in visits to everyone. We wanted it as quiet and low key as possible. And that’s what it was, and it was WONDERFUL.

Another thing….it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS. How crushed would we have been if we had missed out on the snow here in town for Ainsley’s 1st Christmas?

We went to Midnight Mass and my thinking was that since Ainsley is such a good sleeper, we’d get her up, get in the car and she’d be back asleep in no time and sleep through Mass. Uh, no dice. She was determined to be awake for the whole service. Oh, and she succeeded alright. All things considered, she did great through the whole thing. I had to step out a couple of times, but we were there for over an hour and a half.


Christmas PJs
My little snow bunny!

Ainsley wasn’t quite sure what to think about the whole gift thing, but she did rip into a couple of packages. She also seemed to be interested in the actual toys which I was amazed to see. I’ve heard all the stories about other people’s kids only enamored with the wrapping paper, bows and boxes.

Josh and I didn’t buy her a whole lot and I’m glad we didn’t cause my parents showed up with all sorts of loot from them and Josh’s parents. Almost all of it had Ainsley’s name on it.


This is kinda fun.

So much new stuff to check out.

And my favorite picture from Christmas has to be this one of Ainsley while we were “Skype-ing” with Lolly and Poppy in Jackson. She was showing off the new hat they gave her!

All in all, it was a really great Christmas. And the onesie Ainsley wore all day said it all…..”My mom and dad’s favorite gift is me.” 🙂


Ainsley got her first tooth as of last week some time. I say “sometime” because I only noticed it pretty much after it broke through the skin — which totally proves what trooper she is. I didn’t notice any difference in her behavior, so luckily this first tooth went off without a hitch. Let’s pray they are all this easy.



Ainsley’s eating solids twice a day now. We started her first solid food just a few days after she turned six months old (our pediatrician says that breastmilk and formula only for the first six months is best). She started out pretty good for a week and half and then we had a little hiatus when she got so sick, so it was almost like re-introducing it.

Now, though, she’s a pro. She’s eating apples, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes and peaches. I’ve tried desperately to get the carrots down her but she has not been having it. She’s such a drama queen and does this gagging thing when I try with the carrots.


Baby girl is talking up a storm now. Granted it is her own little language, but she always telling us something. There’s a lot of “ba ba ba” in there.

Ainsley also has absolutely no interest in crawling yet. It’s so funny to watch. She will sit there and hop up and down on her butt and lean forward but make no attempt to move. She wants YOU to move her. And, when she’s on her stomach she just kind of flails her arms and legs and does 360 degree turns. It cracks me up.

She is still doing great at daycare and is now the oldest baby in her room. Which means it won’t be long before she moves up. It will absolutely break her teacher Ms. Paige’s heart when she does because they are the biggest buds these days. Apparently, Ainsley cannot even stand it when she leaves the room to use bathroom. (Welcome to my world, Ms. Paige! 🙂 )


Well, that’s just a little of what we’ve been up to recently. It’s hard to believe my once teeny tiny baby girl is seven and a half months old. She’s more than doubled what she weighed at birth. She’s at such a fun age, and we are enjoying every second of watching her explore and discover this big world around her. Truly amazing stuff.

Much love to all! (I’m going to try and get better with my blogging schedule!)


§ 2 Responses to Lately…

  • Angela says:

    Hey! I am so happy to hear that Ainsley is feeling so much
    better these days! I love the pic of her eating! She is so
    precious!! We miss ya’ll so much, and hopefully it won’t be long
    until we can see everyone again! Keep us posted on everything!
    Sending our love to you!!

  • Great Aunt Kay says:

    I save her pictures like she is my grandbaby. I am so proud
    of you both and this precious gift of God! For goodness sake, don’t
    let that fever get that high again. It can be very dangerous. Tepid
    water or wash cloths help keep it down. We moms tend to bundle them
    up – fearing chills, but that increases the fever. Sorry, some of
    that unwanted advice – but it does come from lots of experience, I
    promise. Don’t be mad at me, haha – you will do the same one day!!!
    I love you all. Kiss Ainsley for me….

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